Terms & Conditions for the Supply, Installation and Hire of Earthbolt safety prop anchoring system by….
Earthbolt (Aust) Pty Ltd (Referred to as “the Company”)

By the contracting of the Company for works as quoted you agree to the following Terms & Conditions unless otherwise stated in the body of the quotation.

Quotations may include an amount for Site establishments; the amount quoted will represent 1 installation and 1 removal from site unless otherwise stated. Any additional site visits requested will attract a $395.00 + GST site fee per day.

The quotation includes a hire period of 35 days from the installation date, thereafter the Company reserves the right to charge additional hire charges at the rate of $3.50 +GST per day per unit. Please note the 21 days from the 20th December to the 10th January are not included in any additional hire charge period.

Projects further than 60klm from the CBD may attract a $2.25 +GST per Klm rate for over the initial 60klm range.

Although the Company and our Engineers make every endeavor to ensure quoting in accordance with the supplied soil test data and associated panel plans the company reserves the right to discontinue the installation of the Earthbolt safety prop system due to adverse ground conditions and accepts no liability or cost whatsoever for ceasing installation due to safety concerns.

In the event of difficult ground conditions the Company will make every effort to ensure that the propping system is installed. This may include the pre-drilling of pilot bore holes with a Type 7 Mining specification 200mm auger. If this occurs, a charge of $7.00+GST per pilot hole shall be levied in the final invoice.

All Earthbolt safety prop anchors remain the property of the Company and as such any units lost or damaged shall be charged for at a rate of $395.00+GST per unit.

Earthbolt safety prop anchors are not to be removed from the ground by any other person or machine other than that of certified staff and machines of the Company. Please note that removal by unauthorized machines (e.g. the use of an onsite plumber’s excavator etc) will cause damage to the anchor which will be charged to the construction company.

Additional Engineering advices sort from the Company or certifications over and above normal Earthbolt Certification required by either our internal or external Structural Engineers’ shall incur additional costs.

The Company does not take responsibility for set out marking on existing footings which must have precast pins and panel joins marked prior to installation in line with the National Code of Practice to ensure correct brace angle margins are maintained.

The Company does not take responsibility for damage to underground services and connections and or costs associated with rectification of the service. The Site Manager and or nominated representative must clearly define to company staff where existing services are prior to installation.

The Company’s quotations are only valid for 30 days, and shall be deemed invalid if substantial changes or revisions are made to the propping plans reducing unit usage.

The Company shall not guarantee the availability of stock without a formal order and as such will not be liable in any way for subsequent delays or associated costs in the project.

When booking a site attendance to remove Earthbolt safety prop anchors the Company must be given at least 5 working days notice. Although the Company will in most instances react quickly to any request for removal of the product no absolute guarantees can be given without the above recommended notification.

All quotations are prepared in accordance with 30 day payment terms from the Invoice Date and or Date of Installation. As such if payment is not made within our 30 day trading terms an additional invoice shall be forwarded for the 12.5% discount given for 30 day payment terms. These terms override any quoted terms and conditions documented within any sub contractor agreement or formal order forwarded to the Company for the supply, installation and hire of Earthbolt safety prop anchors and payment terms thereafter to the Company.

The authorization and requested attendance of the Company’s installation crew on site to attend to the quoted works automatically deem the Company’s Terms & Conditions accepted for the purposes of the contract, whereby no specific written or documented query to the above Terms & Conditions is received prior to attendance on site by the Company’s staff.


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