The Cost Savings

Apart from the cost savings in respect to the speed of installation and general site cleanliness of the Earthbolt Precast Prop Anchor System, historically precast and tilt-up panels have been propped to an engineered strip footing design or bored pier (dead man pad) design.

Who knows concrete best? Of course, it’s the concreter and they also know their associated project costs. The bottom line is, several of the largest concreters who normally provide panel footings, prop footings, bored pier footings and slab design works on major commercial projects sub contract Earthbolt to provide temporary footing anchor systems for them. If they recognize the cost effectiveness of using our system as professional concreters versus using concrete it says volumes in how cost savings can be made via the Earthbolt system.

If a true breakdown is ascertained in terms of float hire, machine hire, man hours, excavation time, soil removal, concrete cost, steel and J bolts then add in curing time to achieve the required kN loadings for a 7 to 11 metre panel of 2.8 to 3.5 metre in width it just doesn’t add up. If we include possible increased risk costs in terms of site safety which cannot possibly be accurately measured but are exponential in terms of overall company security and peace of mind the decision is clear.

To achieve these kN loads on average for the above sized panels the engineered bored pier must have at least 0.72 m3 of concrete and a strip footing design at least 0.37 m3 per linear metre. This in effect means to adequately design an engineered footing via the use of traditional means the concrete price alone is going to be approximately 16% to 20% more expensive than the Earthbolt system based on industry discounted concrete pricing. This does not include the other obvious costs as previously stated for excavation, machine, labour and soil removal costs.

Historically we put pure cost savings at around 25% depending on the size of the project and the larger the project the more savings. This delivers to you the only system that increases safety whilst saving project costs making Earthbolt unique in its service delivery to clients.

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