The OH&S Advantage


The Earthbolt design and vision was always about creating a safer system for the commercial construction industry. This vision is no different with the company and its team of trained installers. One of the first documents produced for Earthbolt after its Business Plan was its OH&S Policy Manual in unison with Worksafe and the union; along with our SWMS and installation guidelines.

All Earthbolt staff are trained, licensed and experienced in the not only our OH&S policies and procedures relating to the installation of the Earthbolt product but to generic construction industry policies on Occupational Health and Safety issues on construction sites. The company is also a sponsor of industry based educational programmes through the CFMEU for issues relating to drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Earthbolt is proud of its safety record. From a design perspective our product is focussed on safety and in over 7 years there has not been one single site incident relating to the use of our product. The health and safety of our staff remains our priority and this is never compromised at any time including general installation procedures on site.

The safety aspects of the Earthbolt system are not just one dimensional, it is not just about its 100% safety record and its well documented design capabilities for its strength in withstanding lateral and uplift forces under wind loads. The fact is that we are retaining the integrity of the site with less excavating, less trenches, less excess soil for removal and less time with machines and trucks on site during the earlier stages of the project. During the installation of services plumbers do not have to cut through sacrificial concrete footings with demolition saws to complete their task.

Finally when it comes to lifting the riggers have one clean M20 bolt to connect to; not forced to drill an expansion bolt or discover a J bolt in the wrong position with a thread caked in concrete. The concrete panels thus spend far less time suspended by the crane. The whole system process reduces time, machinery and site risk levels for personnel whilst retaining a cleaner site throughout the project. As we get told time and time again by the users of our product; they can’t get over how safe quick and easy the system is but that they have achieved this increased level of safety on site at an overall cost saving.

The Earthbolt is designed for resisting moment loading being natural wind load forces applied to the surface area of a structural concrete panel. Through testing and development the design capacity or WLL of the product is certified for every individual anchor installed on a project site. Earthbolt nationally is the only approved safety anchor system member of the National Precast Concrete Association of Australia NPCAA. Specifying the Earthbolt Precast Prop Anchor System is your guarantee of design quality and safety on any precast concrete commercial project.

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